For Your Team

Style is everything. And the most successful companies build their brand image around their people. So how your team presents themselves, and how they dress, is a very important part of how your customers and the outside world perceives you.

Your team reflects your company’s style and spirit almost as much as your products and services. And they are the first impression that a potential client has of your company. At SuitsYou, we create workwear styles reflect your companies brand and spirit, and help them make the best first impression!

Shalini is a certified stylist, and has helped several business executives and professionals not only with their clothing but also their accessorizing overall personal presentation. We have worked with a large businesses as well as small start-ups, designing workwear for Support Staff, outfits for Sales teams and Senior Executives, and creating style guides for the entire team.

Corporate Style Strategy

In order to be a successful business, you need a strong identity in terms of culture, values and also style. Shalini takes a personal approach to designing workwear and creating styles for your Executives and staff by incorporating elements of your brands and making well-tailored, stylish and comfortable outfits. SuitsYou can develop for you a comprehensive corporate style strategy, and engage with your team to implement  strategy and help your team present the best version of themselves to your customers. Our engagement with you can typically span three phases:

  • Corporate Style Guide: We will study and understand your brand, and important elements of your business to create a strategy for how your team can present themselves. During this phase, we will give you a comprehensive style guide which will include a mapping of your brand to your entire team – from senior management to support staff.
  • Execution/Product: Based on the style guide and strategy developed in phase 1, Shalini will design outfits and workwear for each segment of your workforce. The style guide would help implement integrated workwear which may look different for different teams, but would be cohesively connected to the single brand they all represent. During this phase, SuitsYou provides complete service from fabric selection to colors coordination and personalised fitting for each member.
  • Consultation: Dressing up right is important, but only one component of your overall presentation. Upon delivery of workwear and styles for your team, Shalini makes herself available for regular personal style consultations and workshops for your teams on how they should dress, accessorize, and present themselves in public, to clients and at business events. These workshops are especially useful for professionals working in client-facing roles, where the impression you make can have a huge impact on your business.

Company Agreements

For your business to look professional, you need to dress for the job. And SuitsYou provides custom-made tailored suits that do just that. We offer company agreements to select businesses, through which you and your employees can take advantage of exclusive tailoring services at special prices.

The company agreement does not cost you anything upfront, but instead offers you an opportunity to take advantage of special discounts. The agreement can span one or more of our products and services, and offers you an agreed upon discount or company price for a specific product.

If you would like more information or a quote on a company agreement that meets your specific requirements, please contact Shalini via the contact page on the website.