My Story

I come from a family of tailors, fabric merchants, and craftsmen. So fashion and style are a natural instinct for me. As a kid I used to work with my father and uncles at their tailoring shop for men. Sorting through all kinds of fabrics, picking the right colours and learning the intricacies of cuts and fits from the craftsmen was my first apprenticeship in the art of men's fashion.


My father and uncles designed and tailored clothing for some of India's most eminent men in that era. But watching them work, and learning about the industry, I noticed that most designers and tailors working in men's fashion were male. I felt that a female perspective could offer a refreshing take on men's clothing. I also wanted to carry forward my heritage of tailoring and particularly Indian craftsmanship.


I founded SuitsYou to be a design and tailoring shop focused on men's fashion. My designs would reflect my feminine vision and add a layer of style and sophistication to typical outfits.  SuitsYou has grown over the years to serve not only individuals, dressing them for all important occasions in their life, but also to companies looking to add style and incorporate their brand into their team workwear. My clients come for all over the world to SuitsYou to get outfits that go beyond the black and grey to reflect their unique personalities and style!